Fiscus Homes is committed to building prefabricated homes using the highest quality products.

All Fiscus prefab homes are manufactured near Vancouver, British Columbia using BC wood products, Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF) lumber, kiln-dried Douglas Fir lumber, and Douglas Fir plywood.

We coordinate your design and will work with your architect and engineer to provide a seamless transition from idea to final product.

Your home is prefabricated  in our factory where we build the wall panels, roof trusses, cut rafters, stairs and other components. These pre-framed components allow for faster, and more accurate construction than those built on-site.

This process is carefully coordinated to ensure your home will be there when your foundation is ready. For many pannelized homes, construction can occur in a matter of days with the house taking full form in a couple weeks, substantially reduce on-site labor costs.